Paula is Public Relations Director for The Road Not Taken, and wife of chairman Todd.  Paula communicates with landowners, law enforcers, sanctioners, and others, providing information, requirements, explanations, etc., to keep everyone happy with each other.   In fact, Paula, with the assistance of McMinnville Amateur Radio Club's incredible communications network, was instrumental in preventing a shutdown of the 1998 event by an errant forest service agent who initially believed TRNT was an unauthorized event.


In the spring of 1988, my husband Todd somehow talked me into going to something called "Rally School".   It didn't take me long before I was totally, completely, confused and wondering if this man I had married was really some kind of strange hybrid being: part nerd, part auto kamikaze.   To my amazement, by the lunch break, I was actually arguing with my "experienced rallyist" of a spouse over the map and instructions handed out.   I seem to remember being correct about a couple of directions, but don't ask Todd to confirm this.

My first rally as a complete no-mind navigator took place one lovely Friday night in the month of March.   The rally was a Cascade Sports Car Club Friday Nighter.   Navigating somehow proved to be within the realm of possible activities that I could master.   Staying well enough to do the job while being 7 months pregnant, being thrown around in a car and trying to read was almost beyond my capabilities, but somehow we managed to make it to the end.   Why I ever got back in the car to do this navigating thing ever again has always been I bit of a mystery to me.   Some of my husbands mutated DNA must have gotten into my system.   There is always a certain amount of surprise, and a whole lot of thanking my wonderful driver, when I look at the two Navigator Points awards trophies that hang on the wall.   I know that without Todd's driving skill and a overabundance of navigators, those trophies would not be there.

During the planning of the first TRNT, I was pregnant with our second child.   I left most everything up to Todd and Bob and showed up at the start to help with registration.   Taking our three week old daughter home and going to bed, I didn't know how much I had missed until the following year.

I don't rally much anymore; support crew for Twisty Roads Rally Group when they tear up for a Pro Rally is about as near as I come.   As for The Road Not Taken, the team of Bob and Todd somehow found out that I know how to work my way around government agencies, so the task of acquiring permits, answering questions from government agencies, and generally finding out if the roads they want are available, fell to me (actually it was pushed, but that's another story).   I also do worker recruitment, training and checkpoint set-up.   Want to work on The Road Not Taken?   Let me know!   Want to spend the night in the woods with someone special?    We might be able to help with that.   Want to go back and forth to Spirit Mt. Casino?   We can help with that too!   Believe me, working this event can be fun!

The adventure of putting on such a great event has been terrific - even if it means working with two gentlemen who, I swear, spent time on The Island of Dr. Moreau and were grafted to autos and gravel.