Twisty Roads Rally Group presents:

The Road Not Taken

August 2 - 3, 2008


Updated: August 14, 2008

We've got answers!   Some of the questions below have been asked, at least once.   We may clown around with some of the answers, and some questions, but we will try very hard to not let you be missled by anything.   And hey—give us your questions to answer, huh?
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Did you know that The Road Not Taken is the name of a famous Robert Frost poem?

Yes, of course.   The poem is incredible and the title is marvelous.   We would have been proud to have thought up either one of them ourselves.

Does "missled" mean the same thing as "missleaded"?

Yes, they're interchangeable—except that one is more formal.

What's the deal with the New! moon instead of the full moon?

Well, the summer motorsports schedule has gotten to where it fills up about as quick as do summer room reservations on The Oregon Coast.   From a wide area, The Road Not Taken attracts competitors and workers who are also involved with rallycross, hillclimb, performance rally, vintage rally, four-wheeling, and other motorsports events—so what can we say?   May that never happen again.

Does "missled" mean the same thing as "rocketed"?

Not really.   One of them is misguided.

What about the environment?

Most of The Road Not Taken travels on U.S. National Forest and Bureau of Land Management roads.   To obtain the necessary permits each year that The Road Not Taken is presented, we provide every specific detail regarding every aspect of that year's event; and we then finance a thorough study of that information by USNFS/BLM environmental scientists.   Invariably, the environmental studies determine a number of specific restrictions and requirements which the current event must be modified to comply with.   The permit process for presenting The Road Not Taken is extensive, detailed, specific, expensive, time consuming, exhaustive, and unyielding—assuring that the event is not environmentally evil.

Is this the last The Road Not Taken?

No, the last The Road Not Taken was in August, 2003.

Doesn't rallying kind of waste our dwindling energy resources?

Perhaps recreational motoring is one of the more justifiable uses of automobiles, and surely is a negligible portion of total automobile usage.   (And note that every vehicle participating in The Road Not Taken will be carpool-lane compliant (though no such lanes exist within fifty miles)).   Recreational motoring will not destroy the world, nor could the world be saved by elimination of recreational motoring.   Still, using renewable energy must be encouraged because it is more justifiable, even for an all-night rally adventure.   Watch for announcements as we evaluate possible incentives for vehicles fueled by alcohol, biodiesel, and other green alternatives.   One thing for certain already: There will be no charge for solar-powered vehicles on The Road Not Taken .

Can I use my regular car?   What kind of cars are allowed?

Most of The Road Not Taken is unpaved, but quite smooth as unpaved roads go.   If your car does not have a revered paint job, and can confidently drive over ordinary speed bumps, and doesn't fly off the road when it rains, and is in functionally good condition, then it can get you through the event.   All of the route will be on road that is narrow, at the most; and none of the route is straight; and not much of the route is level.   Be aware that any marginal aspect of your car will be a nuisance 40,000 times over ten hours—which will seem like 80,000 times over twenty hours—so don't be too casual in your preparation.   Vehicles will undergo a cursory safety inspection that will not allow vehicles with bald tires or other significant hazard that is noticed (you must assure your car's safety—we simply try to weed out anyone who might be just too darned foolish or unobservant about it).

How many instructions in the Routebook?

Two hundred fifty five.

And the answer to the next question is?

42, of course.

And the next question was?

How many pages in the Routebook?

How far?

Almost two hundred nine miles, door-to-door, including all transits.

How much of that was unpaved?

61%   (69% of the competitive mileage)

How long was the rally?

A little more than ten hours, eighteen minutes, with 2 hours and 22 minutes of that being on non-competitive transit Sections.

And how much of that was on gravel?

About 88% of the competitive time was on unpaved roads.